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2011 Montesquieu Winery Sinora Syrah

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Montesquieu Winery

Montesquieu Winery is part of the Montesquieu wine group, a California-based negociant and importer that produces wines under its own label and custom labels. Montesquieu takes its name from the influential French Enlightenment-era statesman and political philosopher Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. Besides being known for his political tracts, he was a life-long wine connoisseur, and is often credited with being the first to identify the Cabernet Sauvignon grape in the early 18th century. Montesquieu the wine group works as a negociant with small producers in the U.S. and around the world, importing artisanal wines from Europe, South America and South Africa, and creating private label wines for small West Coast producers.


Red Wine, Syrah (Shiraz)

This grape is grown in milder climates and produces a medium-to full-bodied wine. It is also known as Shiraz, but should not be confused with Petit Sirah, which was developed by crossing Syrah with Peloursin.