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1969 Terre del Barolo Barbera d'Alba

Light capsule condition issue; 3.5 cm ullage; light label condition issue

ITEM 8008670 - Removed from a professional wine storage facility

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Italy, Piedmont, Barbera di Alba

Barbera d’Alba is a DOC centered around the town of Alba, and it is considered home to some of the best wines made from the Barbera grape. Barbera is the most frequently planted grape in Piedmont, thanks to its adaptability and vigorous character. It is easier to grow and less susceptible to adverse weather than Nebbiolo, which is grown in neighboring appellations. Barbera in general has relatively low tannins but high acidity, and the wines tend to have flavors of ripe currant and cherry. The Barbera DOC was created in 1970 and the DOC wines must be 100% Barbera.


Red Wine, Barbera

This red wine is from Piedmont. It is known for low tannins and high acidity, which makes it taste both light-bodied and rich. Barbera most often drinks early, but some variations can be cellared. The wine is relatively inexpensive and flexible for pairing.