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How to Bid on & Buy Wine at an Online Auction


  • Weekly Auctions end every Sunday at 7pm Pacific.
  • Buy Now wines are always available for immediate purchase and shipment.
  • Sign up for email notifications to receive outbid notices, promotions and policy updates.
  • At the end of an auction, you will receive an email confirming the wines you won.
  • You choose how and when your wine is shipped, or schedule a date to pick up from our warehouse. See our Shipment Information for more details.
  • Everyone has a cellar at WineBid. All purchases you make are automatically added and tracked by vintage, region, type and market value.
  • Join WineBid Pro to take advantage of 25% off standard shipping, early bidding access to each new auction and discounted long-term storage.


Place a bid by entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, keeping in mind that bids cannot be retracted or canceled.

Bid Increments

Bid Bid Increment
$1 - $99 $1
$100 - $299 $10
$300 - $499 $20
$500 - $999 $50
$1,000 - $2,999 $100
$3,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 and up $500

Your bid will start at the lowest price required to win and will increase automatically in response to competing bids. Your maximum amount is kept secret from other bidders and your bid will never increase automatically beyond this amount.

A 17% buyer's premium will be added to the final bid on all auction purchases.

Winners are determined based on the bid amount. If two bidders tie with the same amount, then the earliest bid placed wins the tie. If you are outbid you can be notified by email by subscribing to outbid notifications.

When a lot contains multiple items, your bid will increase automatically on all items in that lot that you have bid on, even if you have only been outbid on part of your desired quantity.


Buy Now wines are available for immediate purchase. You can search all Buy Now wines, or search for a specific wine and look for the shopping cart icon in the search results page.

Buy Now wines can be shipped immediately, packed with your auction wines or picked up at our warehouse.


France Direct wine offers are sourced from individual cellars in France and négociants.

  • Wine is securely stored in France until our next container departs from Europe, arriving directly to our Napa warehouse.
  • Estimated Napa arrival date is listed for each item (quarterly arrivals).
  • Payment is collected at the time of your purchase to secure your wine on our container from Europe.
  • If you have opted to include the wood or cardboard case with your purchase, this will ship separately from the wine and will have a separate shipping cost.
  • We will keep you informed by email when the wine leaves France and is on its way.