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Grace Family

Like other family-founded wineries in Napa Valley, Grace Family Vineyards started small, more a dream than a business. It was 1976 and San Francisco stockbroker Richard Grace and his wife bought an old home in St. Helena to raise their family in the country. The couple planted a one-acre vineyard and two years later harvested their first real crop, which they sold to Caymus Vineyard. The Grace family’s grapes were used by Caymus until 1983, when the Grace Family started making their own wine. These days the Graces cultivate a number of vineyards, though production remains highly limited. Only Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown, and Grace Family wines are 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are prized for their opulence and rich flavors. They are generally available only through a mailing list. Annual production is 200 cases.

2002 Grace Family Blank Cabernet Sauvignon

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2005 Grace Family Blank Cabernet Sauvignon


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