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Pereira d’Oliveira Vinhos was founded in 1850 by Joao Pereira d’Oliveira. Today it is still run by the d’Oliveira family in Sao Martinho and the estate’s wines are some of the most sought-after wines of Madeira. The cellars of this company date to 1619 and the company is famous for its 19th- and early 20th-century wines, including Malvasias, Buals and Sercials. Even today d’Oliveira’s oldest wines are kept in wooden casks until they are bottled for shipment. When d'Oliveira bought a smaller Madeira house, Adegas do Torreao, a few years ago, d'Oliveira acquired some classic 1969 Sercial and 1927 Bastardo in the deal.

1968 D'Oliveiras Boal Madeira

Light capsule condition issue