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Château Troplong-Mondot

ChâteauTroplong-Mondot was elevated to Premier Grand Cru of the St.-Emilion appellation in 2006. With almost 70 acres, the estate is one of the largest in St.-Emilion, on the right bank of the Gironde River that bisects Bordeaux. The vineyards are on a steep hillside that rises to 100 meters, and the soils are a thick limestone layer under dense clay. The château itself was built in the 18th century though it takes part of its name from Raymond Troplong, who acquired it in 1850 and continued the estate’s reputation for making excellent wine. Today the estate is owned by the Valette family, which also owns Château Pavie, adjacent to the Troplong-Mondot estate. The vineyards are planted to 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. About 90,000 bottles of Château Troplong-Mondot are produced annually. The estate also makes a second wine, simply called Mondot, which typically wins compliments from reviewers. Up to 30,000 bottles of Mondot are produced annually.

1990 Château Troplong-Mondot

RP  98   
WS  95   
2 available
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2005 Château Troplong-Mondot


Light capsule condition issue; base neck fill or better

France Direct
Expected Arrival:
November, 2022
RP  100   
WS  96   
ST  96   
JR  18   

2017 Château Troplong-Mondot

Light capsule condition issue; signs of past seepage; light label condition issue

JS  96   
WE  96   
WA  95   
VN  95-98   
JD  95   
WS  94   
2 available
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