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Château Cheval-Blanc

Château Cheval Blanc is a Premier Grand Cru Classe A of St.-Emilion. Cheval Blanc won medals at prestigious international exhibitions in London and Paris in the mid-19th century and those medals are still depicted on Cheval Blanc bottle labels. Robert M. Parker Jr. has written that among the most famous wines of Bordeaux, “Cheval Blanc probably has the broadest window of drinkability. It is usually delicious when first bottled, yet it has the ability in the top years to gain weight and last.” Parker also notes that Cheval Blanc typically includes more Cabernet Franc than other Bordeaux, another possible key to its unique style. Located in St.-Emilion, the château includes 91.4 acres of vineyards planted in 58% Cabernet Franc and 42 % Merlot. The average age of the vines is 45 years. Some 100,000 bottles of Château Cheval Blanc are produced each year. The Managing Director of the estate is Pierre Lurton, a distinguished winemaker and estate director who also is President and CEO of Château d'Yquem.

1964 Château Cheval-Blanc

Capsule condition issue; light signs of past seepage; mid shoulder fill; label condition issue

RP  95   
WS  92   
MB  ****   

1967 Château Cheval-Blanc

Capsule condition issue; lightly elevated cork; top shoulder fill; label condition issue

1981 Château Cheval-Blanc

Light capsule condition issue; lightly depressed cork; signs of past seepage; base neck fill; label condition issue

RP  90   
WS  90   
MB  ****   

2000 Château Cheval-Blanc


Light capsule condition issue; light label condition issue

RP  99   
WE  97   
VN  94+    
WS  93   
JR  18.5