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Château Ausone

Château Ausone is one of the Premier Grand Crus Classe A of St.-Emilion, which means it is considered one of the finest wines of the right bank according to the region’s historic classification system. Legend has it that the estate’s name is derived from the name of the 4th century Roman poet Ausonius, who lived in the area and maintained a vineyard. But the château itself notes that the link may be more fanciful than fact. Nevertheless the estate, which includes a mere 17.3 acres of vineyards, has long enjoyed one of the best locations in all of Bordeaux on a steep southwestern slope a few meters from the medieval town of St.-Emilion. The estate makes a fraction of the wine made by many of its larger neighbors. The estate makes 20,000 to 30,000 bottles annually of its Chateau Ausone Premier Grand Cru, and about 7,000 bottles of its second line, Chapelle d’Ausone. The vineyards are planted in 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Franc. The average age of the vines is 50-55 years.

1966 Château Ausone

Capsule condition issue; lightly depressed cork; top shoulder fill; heavy label condition issue

2000 Château Ausone


Light capsule condition issue; light label condition issue

RP  98+    
WE  98   
WS  97   
ST  97+    
JR  18   

2019 Château Ausone

3-bottle Lot, Wood Case

JS  100   
WE  99   
WA  98+    
VN  98   
JD  98   
JR  18.5