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Located in Yakima Valley, WA, owner and winemaker Nina Buty believes that making Buty wine is part of a larger process, with many interconnections and contributions. She also believes that great vineyards and great wines have soul. In keeping with these beliefs, Buty is guided by a philosophy that reflects the idea of growth from body to mind to soul to spirit - with each level building on the last to create a more complex and cohesive whole. From the selection of vineyards, the methods used to farm them and the timing of harvest, to Buty's dedication to natural winemaking practices, each level plays an important role in creating Buty wine. To maintain this authenticity, whenever possible Nina emphasizes blends where all the varietals come from the same vineyard. Buy Buty and Beast (Buty's second label) wine on WineBid today.

2009 Buty Cabernet Franc/Merlot

WA  92   
WS  92