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Bond is an Oakville, California, winery that makes widely acclaimed single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons based on an unusual business model. Founded in the late 1990s by H. William Harlan, who in 1984 founded Harlan Estate, Bond uses grapes from five vineyards that Harlan does not own. The winery refers to its offerings as “a portfolio of wines that are diverse in their geographic representation…” The name Bond was selected to highlight the “bond” between Harlan, his winemaking team, which includes his longtime associate Robert Levy, director of winegrowing, and the independent growers who supply the grapes. Each of the “grand crus,” as Harlan calls his Bond wines, has been given a proprietary name, such as Vecina and Melbury, meaning that although the goal is to make Cabernet Sauvignons using only single vineyard grapes, Bond reserves the right to blend if necessary. Besides the “grand crus” Bond makes Matriarch, a second wine. The vineyards Bond leases are 7 to 10 acres each.

2013 Bond Horizontal

5-bottle Horizontal, Wood Case

2004 Bond Matriarch

RP  93   
ST  92   
WS  91   

2008 Bond Matriarch

Heavy label condition issue

JS  93   
ST  90   

2009 Bond Melbury

Light label condition issue

JD  96   
VN  95   
WA  94   
ST  94+    
WS  93   

2009 Bond Pluribus

WA  97   
WS  96   
ST  96