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Rheingau is considered one of the finest of Germany’s great wine districts. Its 8,000 vineyard acres are planted primarily to Riesling, and the Rieslings of Rheingau are noted for their steely character. In recent decades producers have also started planted Pinot Noir, called Spatburgunder in Germany. Historically the most famous Rieslings of the Rheingau have been the very sweet Beerenauslesen and Trockenbeerenauslesen styles, but as the market for dry wines has increased, younger Rheingau winemakers have begun producing dry Riesling, harkening back to methods used before the 20th century. By 2005 nearly 85% of the Rheingau Rieslings have been dry wines.

2002 Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Riesling Auslese #8

Capsule condition issue; lightly depressed cork; light signs of past seepage; light label condition issue

WA  95   
WS  94   
DS  *   

2020 Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Riesling Trocken GG #42

JS  98   
WA  95+    
JR  18.5   
6 available
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1976 Schloss Eltz Rauenthaler Baiken Riesling Beerenauslese #1


Light capsule condition issue; signs of past seepage; 4 cm ullage; label condition issue

1976 Schloss Reinhartshausen Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen Riesling Beerenauslese #27

Capsule condition issue; light signs of past seepage; label condition issue

2017 Fritz Allendorf Spatburgunder Trocken #41 (Screwcap)

5 available
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2016 von Oetinger Mineral Riesling Trocken #20 (Screwcap)

6 available
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