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Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll AVA is one of Napa Valley’s newest appellations, having received that status in 2004. Located on the southern end of Napa Valley, the appellation is close to San Pablo Bay and therefore relatively cool. Of the 8,300 acres within the appellation, 4,150 are vineyards. The principal grapes grown are Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Riesling. Locals like to call Oak Knoll “the sweet spot” thanks to its location between the San Pablo Bay and its maritime climate and the much hotter climate of Napa Valley’s floor.

2013 Blackbird Vineyards Arise

JS  91   
WS  90   
VN  90   

1989 Trefethen Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Light capsule condition issue; lightly depressed cork; light signs of past seepage; light label condition issue

2020 Robert Biale Vineyards Clementina

2013 Becklyn Moulds Family Vineyard Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2017 Ashes & Diamonds A&D Vineyard Grand Vin No 4

2019 La Pelle Red Hen Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Avinodos Oak Knoll District Cabernet Sauvignon

5 available
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2018 Avinodos Oak Knoll District Cabernet Sauvignon

4 available
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2020 DoublePlus Wines Rosé (Screwcap)

Light capsule condition issue; signs of past seepage; base neck fill