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Burgundy Wine Investors Have Beaten the Stock Market
Image: The Economist logo - WineBid pricing data to shows Burgundy is a great investment. Posted: 08/22/2019

It seems Pinot Noir is both a new status symbol and an excellent investment. The Economist magazine used pricing data from WineBid, the world's largest online wine auction, to show that fine red Burgundy wine is a better investment by far than the stock market. According to The Economist, "Collectors who have drunk most of their Pinot already may need another glass after seeing the results. By the end of 2018, red Burgundy had returned 497%, versus 279% for the S&P 500."

WineBid The Economist chart:Burgundy wine investors have beaten the stockmarket

Burgundy has always been the holy grail for oenophiles, who can spend a lifetime studying the taste of the terroir from one vineyard to the next, and the influence of legendary vignerons. Understanding virtually any of the world's other great wine regions is child's play compared to becoming a Burgundy connoisseur. And a decade ago the investment buzz was about Bordeaux, even though there is much more Bordeaux produced and it is relatively easy to buy. Asian wine buyers went big for Bordeaux, turning it into a smart investment. But today, as The Economist notes, "all roads lead to Burgundy."

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Higher Wine Ratings Boost Prices

Wine prices analyzed by The Economist show a strong correlation with critics' ratings in recent months, especially Burgundy. Red Burgundy wines with scores of 96 (out of 100) and above are valued higher than wines from Bordeaux, California, and Australia.

WineBid pricing data showing Burgundy value over time.

Data source: WineBid

Analysis and charts: The Economist

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