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Founded in 1978 by Steve Kistler, Kistler Vineyards produces some of California’s most admired Chardonnay. Located in the Russian River Valley, Kistler’s Burgundian style Chardonnays have achieved a “Cult Chardonnay” status because of their traditional style and extraordinary, Grand Cru character. Recently Kistler Vineyards has also won accolades for its Pinot Noir, which Robert M. Parker Jr. predicts may eventually be even more profound and admired than the winery’s Chardonnays. But whether they are making Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, Kistler Vineyards’ wines are always highly rated and hard to acquire. The winery owns 210 acres, which it plants to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah. Annual production is generally under 10,000 cases. Kistler wines are usually available only through its mailing list.

2008 Kistler Bodega Headlands Cuvée Elizabeth Pinot Noir

RP  96   
VN  95   

2008 Kistler Cuvee Cathleen Chardonnay

Light label condition issue

RP  95   
VN  94   

2009 Kistler Durell Vineyard Chardonnay

RP  94-96   
WS  93   
VN  93   

2010 Kistler Cuvee Catherine Occidental Station Pinot Noir

Light label condition issue

WS  92   

2010 Kistler Durell Vineyard Chardonnay

WS  93   

2010 Kistler Dutton Ranch Chardonnay

Light label condition issue

2011 Kistler Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay

WS  92   

2011 Kistler Kistler Vineyard Chardonnay

RP  94   
VN  94-96   
WS  92   

2017 Kistler Kistler Vineyard Chardonnay

JD  98   
VN  96   
WA  95+