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Sauternes makes the world’s most famous dessert wines. Though the appellation lies within the Graves region of Bordeaux’s left bank, the appellation makes only sweet wines from white grapes, primarily Semillon sometimes blended with small amounts of Muscadelle. The five communes within Sauternes are Barsac, Bommes, Fargues, Preignac and Sauternes. Barsac also has its own appellation and, typically, Barsac wines are slightly drier and lighter than other Sauternes. Sauternes are made when weather conditions result in a mold called Botrytis cinerea developing on the grapes, which causes them to become especially sweet. Sauternes are not produced every vintage, so successful vintages become especially collectible. Sauternes estates were classified in 1855, and Château d’Yquem, the appellation’s most prestigious estate, was ranked in a class by itself as a Premier Grand Cru. Château d’Yquem wines are among the most prized wines in the world.

1988 Château Climens


Lightly depressed cork; light label condition issue

RP  96   
WS  91   
ST  91   
JR  18   

1999 Château Climens

ST  91+    

2014 Château Coutet


WS  96   
WA  93-95   
VN  90-93   
JR  17.5   
WS  #3 of 2017   
5 available
Bid *

2015 Château Coutet


WE  96   
JD  96   
WA  95   
WS  95   
VN  95   
JS  94   
JR  17   
11 available
Bid *

2003 Château Doisy Vedrines

Light label condition issue

ST  92   
RP  90   
JR  17   

2005 Château Doisy Vedrines

WS  92-94   
WA  91   
VN  90+    
7 available
Bid *

1996 Château La Rame Ste. Croix du Mont Reserve

Label condition issue