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2001 Alessandro Anzivino Gattinara Riserva

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September 25, 2011 - $22



Italy, Piedmont, Gattinara

Gattinara is a small DOCG within Piedmont. It is one of the seven DOCG appellations of Piedmont, meaning it shares an elevated, prestigious status with the Barolo and Barbaresco appellations. Nebbiolo is the primary grape here, though it is called Spanno locally. Gattinara DOCG wines must be at least 90% Nebbiolo and have a minimum of three years of aging. Riservas require a minimum of four years of aging. The wines of Gattinara have excellent reputations, and at best they are elegant and full-bodied.


Red Wine, Nebbiolo, D.O.C.G.

This red grape is most often associated with Piedmont, where it becomes DOCG Barolo and Barbaresco, among others. Its name comes from Italian for “fog,” which descends over the region at harvest. The fruit also gains a foggy white veil when mature.