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1978 Chalone Vineyard California Pinot Noir

Light capsule condition issue; lightly elevated cork; 4.5 cm ullage; light label condition issue

ITEM 8313718 - Removed from a temperature and humidity controlled wine storage unit; Purchased direct from winery

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Chalone Vineyard

Chalone Vineyard is in Soledad, above the Salinas Valley in Monterey County. The estate’s roots date to 1919, when a French immigrant planted grapes on the property. Its more recent history started in 1966, when Dick Graff purchased the property and made his first commercial Chardonnay. Today the 200-acre estate is owned by the Chalone Wine Group. Since the 1970s Chalone’s Chardonnays and Pinot Blancs have been highly regarded. Chalone also makes well reviewed Pinot Noir, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


Red Wine, Pinot Noir

This red wine is relatively light and can pair with a wide variety of foods. The grape prefers cooler climates and the wine is most often associated with Burgundy, Champagne and the U.S. west coast. Regional differences make it nearly as fickle as it is flexible.