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1978 Louis M. Martini California Cabernet Sauvignon

Mid shoulder fill; label condition issue

ITEM 8313056 - Removed from a subterranean, temperature and humidity controlled residential cellar; Purchased at retail

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I8352399 3 $75 Jul 31, 2022
I8352398 1 $60 Jul 31, 2022
I8352397 1 $75 Jul 31, 2022
I8352394 1 $60 Jul 31, 2022
I8300169 1 $80 Jul 3, 2022
I8276906 1 $80 Jun 19, 2022
I8235389 2 $85 May 22, 2022
I8235370 1 $85 May 22, 2022
I8235369 1 $85 May 22, 2022
I8225683 1 $85 May 15, 2022
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Louis M. Martini

Louis M. Martini is one of Napa Valley’s most historic wineries. It was founded by Louis M. Martini, who left his home in Genoa, Italy, to join his father in San Francisco in 1899. After experimenting with winemaking, the senior Martini sent his son back to Italy for 5 years to learn winemaking, and by 1911 the men were making wine for sale in rented space outside of San Francisco. Always known for its progressive thinking and attention to quality, the winery became one of the first and most successful large wineries in Napa Valley. In 2002 it was purchased by the Gallo family. The estate owns 700 acres and makes Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Malbec, Meritage and Petite Sirah.


Red Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the most widely grown grape varieties, it can be found in nearly every wine growing region. A cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a hardy vine that produces a full-bodied wine with high tannins and great aging potential.