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2009 Domaine du Meix-Foulot Mercurey Les Saumonts

Light label condition issue

ITEM 8072081 - Removed from a subterranean, temperature and humidity controlled residential cellar; Purchased at retail

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3 $20
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I8072081 2 $31 Jan 23, 2022
I8072081 1 $30 Jan 23, 2022
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France, Burgundy, Côte Chalonnaise, Mercurey, Les Saumonts

Mercurey, the appellation, includes the communes of Mercurey and Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu, and it is the largest of the Côte Chalonnaise appellations by size and production. Mercurey takes its name from the Roman god Mercurey, who was a winged messenger and the god of commerce. The appellation includes nearly 1,600 acres of vineyards, of which 95% is planted to Pinot Noir and 5% to Chardonnay. Though there are no Grand Crus, there are 32 Premier Cru vineyards. Robert M. Parker Jr. wrote several decades ago that Mercurey was “the appellation of the future in the Côte Chalonnaise” because of relatively high quality wines offered at good value. Prices have crept up, but Clive Coates has noted more recently that “Mercurey is the most structured of the Chalonnaise reds wines…At its best, it is rich and ample though, with a certain earthiness…”


Red Wine, Pinot Noir, 1er (Premier) Cru

This red wine is relatively light and can pair with a wide variety of foods. The grape prefers cooler climates and the wine is most often associated with Burgundy, Champagne and the U.S. west coast. Regional differences make it nearly as fickle as it is flexible.